Why you must buy latex mattresses

Many people are concerned when they learn about the harmful compounds that exist in memory foam such as toxic flame retardants and formaldehyde. These hormone altering compounds have been linked with increased risks to certain health issues such as developmental brain disorders and fertility obesity and even cancer. Fortunately, there is a comfortable best foam mattress product that is not harmful to your health; natural latex. Natural latex is made from Seth from the rubber tree. It is whipped into froth, and then baked into a foam. It is a natural plant product, not a petrochemical product.

Comparison of latex and memory mattress

Memory foam is notorious for several negative characteristics. It’s piercing chemical odor the off-gassing of toxic chemical compounds and its tendency to travel key. So why is it like this? It’s actually a chemical reaction with your body heat that allows the memory foam harm the environment, and without the body heat build-up, there is no reaction. This is why many memory foam mattresses can feel too hard when it’s cold and not supportive enough when it’s worn. Many manufacturers of memory foam has started adding other chemicals called Cooley chemicals to attempt to address this overheating problem. And this is why many people choose natural latex instead. Natural latex is much more breathable than memory foam. When you blow air at the tail, it flows right through whereas with memory foam the airflow is blocked. This causes restlessness and circulation issues. On the other hand, latex is instantly responsive and even more comfortable than memory foam. For most people, it helps you sleep wonderfully on your mattress. Latex simply provides a luxurious sleep experience. Also, natural latex mattress can be customized exactly for your body because it is built in layers. If you need to change how your mattress feels you can do so simply by switching the layers out. Now a memory foam mattress is some shortage one unit. So once the novelty wears off and your body begins to ache, whereas with a customizable natural latex mattress design like Savvy rests you can exchange anyway, Your options are nearly endless. Now in general latex is going to provide sleep cooler than memory foam. Sometimes, they are infused with graphite or some kind of cooling gel. But in get in general latex is going to sleep cooler than memory foam. At this point, you should know which type of mattress is better for you memory foam or latex.

Hence, the options are clear.