Best mattresses for babies

Babies require care and attention all the time. Babies can not look after themselves thats why we must care for them and make sure that they are safe and comfortable.  While choosing the food, clothes and even diapers for a baby care is taken so that it is in the best interest of that baby. So why not pay the same amount of attention while choosing the best mattress for the baby. For more information, read on simplyrest.

Babies sleep cycle:

A baby can sleep up to 8 to 9 hours in day and 8 hours at night as well. That is a-lot compared to an adult who only sleeps for about 8 hours in total. So thats why we must care for the environment the baby sleeps in so that he gets proper care and comfort. This will lead to the baby waking up fresh and healthy.

 While looking for a mattress for the baby these are the most common things a person should look out for

* Quality

The quality should be good. It should be slightly firm as well because babies usually tend to sleep on their stomach.

* Warranty

Check the warranty of the mattress so that if it doesn’t live up to the expectations you can get a refund for your money.

* Price

The mattress for the babies crib are smaller in size so they usually cost less than the normal size bed.

* Safety

The crib and the mattress should be safe for the baby. Babies usually tend to jump and get out of the crib. To avoid that one should always check the safety of the crib beforehand.

* Comfort

The baby mattress should be comfortable for the baby to sleep peacefully rather than waking up irritable and tired.

* Size

The size should neither be to small so that the baby feels suffocated nor to big that the baby can move too freely to get himself hurt.

Babies usually don’t sleep in one position. They keep on changing and moving there position. They wake up in the middle of the night a lot as well. So while choosing the mattress one should keep this in mind.

Babies need a mattress that is firm so that it does not deform there head shape. On the firmness scale of a mattress the mattress of a baby need to be at the level 8 or 10.