Day: November 10, 2020

For many US citizens, right after the Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the only shopping holiday. For many families, it is a ritual to shop on this particular day, as it gives access to great deals and promotions from retailers. It is not only one shopping festival where people can go as a family  before Christmas. Many however wait to avail bed sales Black Friday to make the best possible purchases.

Never the less some shoppers still question if this yearly sale extravaganza is worth all the hype? 

The reason we all love to shop on Black Friday

The big attractions of these Black Friday deals are the doorbusters. The infamous doorbusters not only include deals on electronic items, wearable gadgets and gaming consoles etc. but it includes apparels, shoes and toys too. They are attractively priced, below-cost items that tempt the shoppers to buy them as soon as they can see them. The shop owners count the losses as a marketing expense and they make up for it by limiting the available quantity. They also, navigate smartly and place different doorbusters at different times of the day. There might be a perfect mattress deal on Black Friday just for you!

Shopping on this day, with all these amazing deals, promotions and doorbusters is definitely so much exciting than any other time of the year and that, coupled with shopping together as a family makes it a whole lot more fun activity.

The better logic of avoiding the Black Friday shopping

Black Friday shopping has its disadvantages too. For example, some people find doo busters to be rather frustrating than thrilling. The hectic job of fighting through the massive amount of people for those deals, waiting for so long in the queues and only to find out that a particular doorbuster you were looking for, has been sold out makes it a terrible experience for some customers. 

So, when frustration exceeds excitement, Black Friday shopping is more terrifying for a lot of people. For some people, the deals and doorbusters equal their tiring route: diving among traffic, finding parking, searching through the aisles and waiting in long queues.  

Black Friday amidst the pandemic

This year, the stress is added to the Black Friday shopping, with the coronavirus outbreak and its expectancy to surge again. Going out for shopping means mingling with the crowds and touching the items that have previously been touched by a dozen others, all of this is something we’d all like to avoid for now.

The centers for disease control and prevention regards Black Friday shopping as a high-risk pursuit and recommends that people stay indoors and rather shop online. Resultantly, the retailers are encouraging customers to shop earlier and are pushing more on their online promotions and deals. The doorbusters are spread across days and even weeks rather than just Black Friday. 

The online shopping trend is increasing with all this, as it has many advantages and not leaving home tops any of that. It’ll save you the hassle of driving and finding parking among busy spaces to running rounds in the aisles looking for the perfect thing. Online shopping also lets you compare prices easily with just a few clicks. The plus point is that there are many coupons and cashback in online shopping.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Black Friday sales are worth it if the thrills of hunting your perfect deals and family time are greater than the struggles of shopping. The possibility of missing out on the item before it is sold out and waiting in long lines may bring about the flight or fight response but there is nothing quite like it if people find Black Friday shopping a thrilling experience and a bonding time with family.